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Music, play and cognition

Music is naturally full of sequences! So, it makes for a good brain workout.

We use sequences of instruments, notes, pitch and melodic phrases all the time in our music therapy programs. All designed to develop auditory skills, enhance levels of attention and develop working memory. A full cognitive workout pretty much every day.

To do more of this at home, we wanted to share with you Prodigies Bells. A web-based program and an app where you can play songs and musical sequences. We've put together a little bit of musical content for you to play along with using the app.

How to play at home?

Our favourite thing, is to create your own music and improvise. Especially good during all of these lockdown times! You can play how you're feeling, try and match sounds around you or ask people to name colours and you can find them. The choices are endless!

If you're stuck for ideas, we recommend

  1. Play and create your own music using the bells - write down or record what you do so you can remember it later

  2. Draw your own colour chart and write out random sequences and play them... see what you like the sound of best

  3. Roam around your house or outdoors and play all the colours you can see - add quick notes and use silence too. You'll find you'll create some great music representing the world around you

  4. Play how you're feeling today or what the weather is like. This can be slow and meditative or fast and fun

  5. Play the musical pieces we've attached to this post. You may discover new musical skills

  6. Invite a friend to play with you... you can do this in person or online.

You can also purchase resources from Rob @ Prodigies Bells who designed and developed this app.

Enjoy everyone. Technology makes music so accessible so we hope you enjoy these resources.

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