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Music Therapy for Adults
Improved daily living skills, NDIS

We offer individual music therapy and community based activities for disabled adults. 

Funding is available via the NDIS and using therapeutic supports, improved daily living or

therapy supports from core funding.

man playing a keyboard in music therapy

Individual Music Therapy

Individual music therapy programs support a range of life goals

such as communication and social skills development, developing fine and gross motor skills to improve mobility as well as fostering opportunities for choice and control, creativity and self-regulation to enhance everyday life.

Group Programs  For Adults

These inclusive music therapy sessions bring people together to make music with the aim of enhancing communication, developing friendships, supporting creativity, self-expression and building confidence to interact with others.  The sessions are designed to meet individual and groups goals using research-based practices.


Session currently take place on Tuesdays &Thursday evenings Booked in term blocks (max 10 sessions per term)

Lady in a wheelchair beating a drum in a community based activity
Man playing a bass guitar while another man claps the beat

Music Therapy
to improve everyday life

Receive your FREE copy of our brochure outlining how our programs for your adults support life goals of communication, social skills, cognition, physical ability, and emotional well-being. 

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We are a
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What Is Music


Boy playing a guitar

Need help selecting a music therapy program or workshop?

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