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Sequencing or problem solving?

Sometimes, doing the smallest thing can feel overwhelming.

Sometimes, getting past that first small thing to the last thing you need to do is exhausting.

Sometimes, we need a structure just to get started on the first thing.

And for other things, we need a structure or a routine to get through what might seem like the easiest of tasks.

In our music therapy programs, we occasionally offer sequences of first, then, next and last to provide options and choices for our participants so they can use the sequence in their everyday life.

If you want to try one of the many templates we use, here's our specially created one with a song writing example to illustrate how it can work.

You can stick any of these on your fridge, ask the person you're supporting (your child, a friend, a colleague, a participant of your services) to try using it. What do they think? Is it useful? Or is it making it still too complicated? It's going to be different for everyone... and that's ok.

Let us know what you think? Or if you need something different? We'd love to help

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