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Draft NDIS act... have your say!

There's just 4 weeks to comment on this, and much to read, but we encourage everyone to take a look and 'have your say!' on the newly published draft NDIS act. Especially if the NDIS scheme impacts you.

Click here for a Plain English and Easy Read option of the bill.

If you have feedback on the Bill or the Rules, you can make a submission via email or through the post.

Some things you might want to think about in your submission: 

  • Is it clear how the new ideas in the Bill or Rules will work? 

  • Could the new ideas in the Bill or Rules cause problems? 

  • Any other general comments

You can email your submissions to:

Hard copy responses can be sent to: NDIS Act Review Consultations GPO Box 9820 CANBERRA ACT 2610

If you have any questions please contact:

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