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Discover your PULSE...

PULSE is our newly designed, suite of group programs.

PULSE is designed to support enhancements in communication, emotional awareness, cognition, creativity, and social skills. All in a group context.

PULSE will be available for children and adults. All of the programs will incorporate music therapy evidence-based interventions and once people join, specific participant goals will be incorporated into the design.

Our PULSE Program will offer

  1. Songwriting supporting creativity, emotional release, and self-expression

  2. Playing and creating music together to develop social and musical skills

  3. Music and movement to enhance regulation and gross motor skills

  4. Speech and language development through evidence-based music therapy techniques

  5. Sing and sign programs to enhance communication and inclusion

  6. Older adult programs to preserve memory and everyday functioning

If you're interested in our PULSE program using music to support your goal areas, simply complete our survey (CLICK HERE) expressing your preferences. We'd love to hear from you!

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