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Creative arts to enhance mood

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Newly published research has just been released detailing creative arts activities that Australians have been engaging with during lockdown.

Unsurprisingly, music listening is rated as the top activity to engage with to make us all 'feel better'. We couldn't agree more!

While music is a receptive activity that participants engaged with, the added benefits were that it could be done when doing something else. Combining the aesthetic and the practical.

Active arts activities are beneficial partly because they involve seeking out novel ideas, experiences and possibilities, which in turn have positive cognitive, physical, emotional and social effects.

Our approach in music therapy is often around active participation in musical play to realise health benefits, however, we never underestimate the power of listening. Passively or actively listening, it can really make a difference.

And, like our young star in the picture (thanks Anna!), we recommend coordinating your headphones with your outfit if it helps brighten your mood.

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