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Self-care, what can I do?

When you hear the words self-care in times of stress, you might embrace the practice or, you might sigh and think, how am I going to do that in the time I have?

Whatever you're thinking, we strongly recommend that you find a little bit of time to Prioritise You!

Our tips are to start small, set 1-2 goals and go from there. Here are a few pointers on how to get started or to reinvigorate your current self-care program.

Tips for self-care

  1. Identify one to three personal goals for self-care. Write each one down. This can serve as a guide for your self-care plan moving forward. Use our quick guide for some easy-to-do ideas.

  2. Think about ways you can track your progress. For example: if you plan to walk three times a week, mark the days in your calendar and then check them off each time you walk, to track your success.

  3. Find strength in numbers. It can be helpful to get people you live with or friends near and far involved in your plan for self-care. Supporting yourself and others can help to decrease overall stress.

Research shows that taking time on a regular basis to plan and attend to self-care can greatly decrease stress and increase self-efficacy. And if you can involve others in your plan or encourage them to join in some self-care activity, it can serve as a protective factor in decreasing your stress levels.

Mostly, take a little time to prioritise your wellbeing. Feel free to contact us if you need some help.

We can best look after others when we have taken care of ourselves.

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