Individual music therapy programs for those with mild cognitive impairment or dementia are tailored to individual needs.  Where preserving language is a focus, we use song singing and reminiscence to maintain this.  To preserve cognition for as long as possible, we make use of active and supported instrumental play.  We also design our programs to preserve fine and gross motor skills as well as fostering opportunities for choice and control, creativity and emotional regulation. Our focus is to maintain independence and functioning to enhance everyday life. 


These inclusive music therapy sessions bring people together to make music with the aim of enhancing communication & self-expression, developing friendships, supporting reminiscence and building confidence to interact with others.  The sessions are designed to meet individual and groups goals using music therapy research-based practices. Click the links to find our more.

Key Strokes Choir 

Aged Care Programs



Playlist for Life is a UK charity established to provide everyone with dementia to have a unique, personal playlist and everyone who loves or cares for them to know how to use it.  

We have connected with them to bring their resources to families affected by dementia in Australia.  We hold playlist creation sessions and encourage those with a mild cognitive impairment and early onset dementia to attend. 

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