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Group Music Therapy

Our group music therapy programs bring people together to make music that aims to enhance communication, develop relationships and support creativity and self-expression. The programs are designed using music therapy research-based practices, social skills content and live music making.  

Early Intervention 


Needing to get school ready and practice making new friends?  Our group programs for children 3-6 years provide opportunities to enhance your child's ability to follow instructions, share and take turns as well as join in and play music with others.  We facilitate live music making in this program for all abilities.

These programs are designed in consultation with family and / or carers and are available from our studios as well as in childcare and school locations.

Transition to high school

Based on the evidence based program, PEERS for adolescents, our group program for year 6 primary and year 7 high school will provide content to support conversational skills, developing friendships and handling disagreements.  All in a musical context.  The content will be a blend of dialogue and musical play where the group will be supported to write and play their own songs and music to embed the learning. 

The program duration is 10 weeks minimum and parent coaching between sessions will be supported. 

Young Adult Groups
Aged Care

Healthy Ageing

We are facilitating research for older adults using a blend of educational and music therapy techniques.  The FREE programs focus on learning the keyboard to enhance memory, mood and everyday independence for over 65's.


Music therapy for those with cognitive impairment or dementia is evidenced to enhance well-being and elevate mood as well as create new opportunities for social interactions. We offer choirs and musical play for those with neurological impairments including dementia and facilitate playlist creation to support healthy ageing.  

Young Adult Groups

These groups are an opportunity to socialise with others to sing favourite songs, play music on instruments of your choice, take part in group drumming and listen to music for relaxation.


For some of these groups, members have the opportunity to perform for friends and family should they wish to do so. Adult disability groups currently take place on Thursday evenings, Friday and Saturday mornings.  

What Is Music


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