These inclusive music therapy sessions bring people together to make music that aims to enhance communication, develop relationships and support creativity and self-expression. The sessions are designed to meet groups goals using music therapy research-based practices.

Adult Disability Groups: These groups are an opportunity to socialise with others to sing favourite songs, play music on instruments of your choice, take part in group drumming and listen to music for relaxation. For some of these groups, members have the opportunity to perform for friends and family should they wish to do so.  Adult disability groups currently take place on Thursday evenings, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Aged Care: Music therapy in aged care facilities is known to enhance well-being, elevate mood and create new opportunities for social interactions. Repertoire and musical interventions for this population are tailored to the age and ability of individuals in the group and often take place in the aged care facility.

Early Intervention: Music therapy programs are available for groups in childcare and school settings as well as from our studios. Programs to support children with additional needs are specifically designed after consultation to establish the group goals and program duration.

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