COVID-19 (Coronavirus) updates and information

Last updated 22 March 2020


We sincerely hope that you are well and not directly impacted by COVID-19.  This is a difficult time for everyone worldwide. 


We recognise the importance of continuing to offer our therapy services yet the need to reduce the spread of this disease.  Therefore, we continue to offer music therapy services for groups and individuals however, this has now moved to tele-health, that is, services via conferencing and video.  

Operating hours and service delivery

We have strengthened our capacity to deliver alternative service types 

  • Telehealth  – Our therapists have been conducting NDIS therapy sessions through digital platforms over the last 2 weeks and are now working with you to offer this service until face to face sessions can resume.  This service involves using technology on your computer or phone to deliver music therapy.  We are currently using Zoom and Covui or a platform of your choice to deliver our service. So far, everything is working well. 

  • Video content - your team of therapists have created video content and music resources and can provide these as an alternative service should tele-health not be feasible

All of our team continue to work their usual hours and days per week and we will aim to bring your tele-health service to you at the same scheduled face to face time.  We may ask for a change to your time as we require a break between each session to set up systems with families in these early weeks. Additionally, tele-health allows more flexibility so do talk to us if you wish to reschedule your time particularly as we acknowledge more families are now working from home. 

We want to ensure that we continue to provide our clients and families with the highest quality of service during this challenging period. We encourage you to speak with your therapist to develop an individual service plan considering alternative channels so that we can continue to meet needs. 

The NDIS have recently announced that services will continue to be funded.  We very much hope you will continue your service with us and we will be offering additional group and individual programs to support social connections during this time.   

Thank you for your support and sincere best wishes. 

The Tuned In Music Therapy team.

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