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COLOURING THE SPECTRUM is a series of weekly, 90-minute workshops for

young disabled adults to develop skills in music-making, songwriting & creative art.


Through an exhibition of the created music & artwork, our local community will gain insight

into the hopes and aspirations of young disabled adults

to further improve accessibility and inclusive practice.

Marisabel Gonzalez is an esteemed Sydney-based artist and all-round beautiful person.


EXHIBITION: 11 September

@ Diversarty : 5/16 South Creek Road, Cromer

Guitar, piano (1).jpg
Young Adults, 18yrs+

Community Based Activities for Disabled Adults
group music therapy

Our business started with group programs for young adults so we're delighted to offer this extra Saturday group program.  You'll play a range of instruments to develop creativity, social interactions, self-expression and emotional well-being. Limited places are available.


The program is facilitated by Registered Music Therapists and no musical skills are required to join. We support and develop your musical and life skills through the program.

Click the image to watch a video of how it all looks

Saturday mornings
9:15-10:15am every Saturday for 10 weeks
$45 per hour, limited places available
Facilitated by Registered Music Therapists

Adults: all ages, all abilities
Guitar skills
group learning 

In theses one hour sessions, we'll be supporting skills development to learn to play the guitar.   A 10-week program providing musical skills and tips on how to adapt your play to cater for all abilities.  We'll be playing your favourite music to learn the guitar as well as supporting reading of music through a range of tested methods.   These groups will be kept small in size, 4-5 participants so that everyone receives the focus they need.

Saturday afternoons
12:15-1:15pm for 10 weeks
$65 per person, per hour

Facilitated by Registered Music Therapists

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